Monday, May 7, 2012

... shoes i love

... was walking all day today in my new loeffel randalls (not flats!), got many compliments on the street (well, 2 in total ... but from the girls who were dressed chic/cool, not annoying north face fleece-ugly shoes chatty neighbor) and in the end of the day my feet feel ... good!

why am i so surprised and happy that the shoes i paid $400 for didn't hurt to walk in? (not the most expensive in my closet... but by far more comfortable than many of them)

i have to admit i got more smart with shoes in past year or so... no more super high heels... unwalkable louboutins (have nothing against company, they do have creative designs and red sole is genius idea, but in the recent i see too many kardashians and likes wearing them...  louboutins are not for me anymore...

...ok, where was i?:)... comfortable and cool shoes... at the same time! that make your walk confident and your legs/feet more attractive - shoes i enjoy not only to look at, but also to wear

... shoes i love

by loeffler randall

Thursday, May 3, 2012

... miami restaurants

... in my 2 nights-stand in miami  i visited 3 restaruants (yep) + delano's veranda for 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch - which i love! don't know why... just cozy. could of spend whole day there... i am not very active on vacations :)

1. michael's genuine - MUST-go, IF you like pork. their pork dish is "divine" (quating the person who ate it... divine pork? :)) ... grilled octopus was good (not "divine" though)
my opinion: if you are visiting miami let's say for a weekend, can skip it. if you live there and are running out of options - go, it is not bad.

2. standard hotel's lobby restaurant for lunch - menu is what you (being the one who watches what she eats ... or as i would like to think of myself) would want to see on menu:
Rock Shrimp Ceviche, Living “Lasagna” Vegetable Terrine, Raw Kale Salad (this one i tried, and it was pretty tasty)
but the ambiance in the restaurant (it was raining heavily and everybody seemed to spend whole day (naturally) in spa and then eating in their robes, not changing ... reminded me of russian-banya (sauna of some kind), and i am not a fan of banya - idea of eating naked dressed only in robe with strangers all around me does not appeal at all) ... i guess i am just not downtown-enough for such level of laid-back

need to come back to the hotel to explore it a little bit more... their garden looked very nice from inside.   

3. villa azure - you can tell right away a lot was spent on decor, less on everything else... but i had a good time :)
villa azur - some table, not ours

crowd was mixed. some tables were families dining, some where 6 young arabic guys+8 caucasian girls (defiantly just met) ... i should not forget to talk about mid-day drink gathering in setai's domenico vacca lounge .... cartoon, really :)

my opinion: ok for group dining and a lot of driniking

p.s. dear semi-night-club-restaurant owners, please stop bringing bottles of champaign with bengal fire. it doesn't give right kinda of attention to the person who buys the bottle. it provokes eyeballs rolling... and question: why do they still do it? :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

... miami hotels

...back from miami. it was raining THE WHOLE time.
bad?...if you planned to look good in certain swimsuit by the time of the trip and failed ... not really!

on the down-side - didn't get much tan and spent more time at the bar drinking champaign than i should have ... nah :) the more the better!

delano is still happening. mix of styles was ... hmmm, interesting. from dsquared2 brothers (yes!) to eastern-european birkin+scrunchy types (apparently they are in season now)
NOTE: i am originally from east-eu, so can't really say anything bad about them... or can i? :))

... and even-though neighbors were too noisy in the morning, walls too thin, and shower tiny (ahhh, feels like home :)) - hotel has aura and vibe that is hard to duplicate. classic miami

... next post - miami restaurants  (4 of them to be exact i had chance to visit this time) 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

... good to know

... found something very interesting today - like ebay, but seems to be more convenient for 'cleaning' your closet purposes...

.... the only thing that stopped me from selling on ebay (and many others like me... i assume ) - *wrapping-shipping-following up* seems like a lot of trouble.

problem solved : !
*white glove service* sounds seriously convenient, ... seriously, that what was missing for me on ebay

Sunday, April 22, 2012

... shaping up

... 2lbs down... sooo, was it dairy? :) ...  or  just usual flactuation (bloading reduction of some sort)?

should start exercise before this two come back ...going to soul-cycle tomorrow, the only form of exercise i do on more or less consistent basis. BECAUSE  it is like going to after-hours club, ... at 10am in morning (or so i remember)... SC is fun, makes you (and OTHERS) sweat (BUT you will get used to it ... really :)) and you don't look at your watch doing it. perfect

.... stacy is the best... less people know about her - more chance i have getting my bike on mon/wed/fri upper east :)))... chance is already pretty slim.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

... shaping up

... new addition to my PLAN ... blueprint cleanse!

everybody does juicing in manhattan. do i know anybody who did it, lost weight and kept it that way for more than a month... YES! - Gwyneth Paltrow... BUT i am a believer :)

... and planning a weekend in miami in less than 2 weeks, who cares about a month anyway?
i need to be in shape (=to zip last summer shorts) NOW! juicing is the ONLY hope...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

today on my mind ...

i hate writing ... and it is exactly why I am starting blog - to develop my love (read - skills) for expressing my thoughts... on things.... in english (to be honest i hate writing in russian too - my first language - but english in new york where i live seems to be more in demand... i am in constant stress :)... to add more stress, let's begin.... what am i going to write about? - i am not sure. have kids, love them, but don't think i manage to write any posts on potty training and schools  - not yet :) it most likely be about fashion, restaurants, travel... you know, those things :) ... beautiful and chic... easy ones. things we think about when we don't want to THINK... nooo, i am not that deep to develop this thought - again, not yet :)

ok, enough, seriously, let's start with most important thing:

need to loose 20lbs asap. how asap? in 2 weeks going to miami, that's how :) more realistically would be to say 10lbs, in my case - can only hope for 5... no willpower whatsoever. well, there is some, but defiantly not for 20. THE PLAN is to not eat 'white' stuff - bread & sugar (obvious ones), and diary (why? not sure, but it seems to be the only thing i haven't tried not to eat... maybe that's the reason (...riiight, only one :)) i will most likely be pretending again that i have to coverup at the pool to not get burned (i don't burn... and i am NOT that fat, but there are some places...)

... so this is it for the first time. was fun actually, and self-learning :) things i learned tonight:
- i do have kinda low self-esteem... will work on it right after "writing" problem :)
- i use smily face A LOT ... but honestly, i believe it's time to add it to keyboard and official list of punctuation signs... we are on internet!