Thursday, May 3, 2012

... miami restaurants

... in my 2 nights-stand in miami  i visited 3 restaruants (yep) + delano's veranda for 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch - which i love! don't know why... just cozy. could of spend whole day there... i am not very active on vacations :)

1. michael's genuine - MUST-go, IF you like pork. their pork dish is "divine" (quating the person who ate it... divine pork? :)) ... grilled octopus was good (not "divine" though)
my opinion: if you are visiting miami let's say for a weekend, can skip it. if you live there and are running out of options - go, it is not bad.

2. standard hotel's lobby restaurant for lunch - menu is what you (being the one who watches what she eats ... or as i would like to think of myself) would want to see on menu:
Rock Shrimp Ceviche, Living “Lasagna” Vegetable Terrine, Raw Kale Salad (this one i tried, and it was pretty tasty)
but the ambiance in the restaurant (it was raining heavily and everybody seemed to spend whole day (naturally) in spa and then eating in their robes, not changing ... reminded me of russian-banya (sauna of some kind), and i am not a fan of banya - idea of eating naked dressed only in robe with strangers all around me does not appeal at all) ... i guess i am just not downtown-enough for such level of laid-back

need to come back to the hotel to explore it a little bit more... their garden looked very nice from inside.   

3. villa azure - you can tell right away a lot was spent on decor, less on everything else... but i had a good time :)
villa azur - some table, not ours

crowd was mixed. some tables were families dining, some where 6 young arabic guys+8 caucasian girls (defiantly just met) ... i should not forget to talk about mid-day drink gathering in setai's domenico vacca lounge .... cartoon, really :)

my opinion: ok for group dining and a lot of driniking

p.s. dear semi-night-club-restaurant owners, please stop bringing bottles of champaign with bengal fire. it doesn't give right kinda of attention to the person who buys the bottle. it provokes eyeballs rolling... and question: why do they still do it? :)

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  1. The next time you're in Miami, try Mandolin in Design District. The girl like you should like it :)